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E. Traevölörs Freisbuk

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The language below looks like some strange relative of Dutch or Swedish... and it is!

It’s American English, as written in a phrasebook for foreign tourists. Why? Well, it’s difficult to know how an English word is pronounced from how it is written, and it’s doubly hard if you’re completely unfamiliar with the language. The relationship between how English words are pronounced and how they’re spelled can be pretty arbitrary!

So to help readers with the unfamiliar language, this book used pronunciation guides that represent the actual sounds of English words more systematically, and made use of spelling conventions from their own language.

1. töörkois
2. bönaenö
3. zöörti
4. puul
5. kueil
6. braun
7. keik
8. uön
9. pôôkör
10. uatörmêlön
11. ghuuss
12. pöörpöl
13. ssikss
14. dʒêlôô
15. ghrei
16. aisskriim
17. fighs
18. chikön
19. yêlôô
20. dök
21. chêkörs
22. kukis
23. tênöss
24. födʒ
25. höndröd
26. töörki
27. painaepöl
28. ghalf
29. zrii
30. ghreipss

The thirty words above are taken from various word-lists in the phrasebook, and can be sorted into six categories of five words each. Your task is to sort them into six categories.

Category names Words from list (one per box)


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