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A. Cat and Mouse Story

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“Okay, so my cat pombled gwee the trowby, and she pombled gwee the foba. She pombled ippip the foba and pombled gorch the foba, and eventually she pombled ippip the trowby.”

Your friend has apparently joined some strange new subculture and is trying out the slang. Either that or he hit his head. Whatever the cause, it looks like your friend has replaced the words down, into, up, run, mouse, and street with the words gwee, ippip, trowby, foba, pomble, and gorch. You can’t yet tell which is which, so you have this conversation:

You: So, it started off with the cat pombling the trowby gwee.
Him: That’s nonsense; that’s not even a good sentence.
You: Could I say “The cat pombled the foba gwee?”
Him: That’s just as bad.
You: It was gwee the foba that the cat pombled, right?
Him: Correct.
You: Then the cat pombled gorch the foba and ippip the foba.
Him: Yes.
You: And the cat pombled gorch the foba and ippip the trowby?
Him: You’re talking nonsense again.
You: But it was ippip the trowby that the cat pombled?
Him: You don’t know how to use words, do you?
You: The cat pombled the trowby ippip.
Him: That sounds a lot better.

A-1 What do the following words mean? Context clues are useful to give you hints, but to prove which words mean which, you should also use your friend’s judgments about your attempted sentences.

foba ippip
gwee pomble
gorch trowby

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