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YouTube: Intended for the General Public

  • PBS Crash Course Linguistics (16 episodes)
  • NativLang (198 videos)
  • Dialect Coach (Under the Wired channel?)
  • Search for NACLO: several hits
  • Search for International Linguistics Olympiad: several hits
  • The Five Minute Linguist
  • Dr Geoff Lindsey
  • Xidnaf
  • Fingtam
  • Portmantout: A portmanteau of every English word
  • Tom Scott's Language Files
  • jan Misali
    • Conlang Critic
    • the /hj tone indicator is worse than useless
    • revolutionizing English orthography (poorly)
    • most english spelling reforms are bad

YouTube: Serious courses

  • Language Science channel (UC Irvine)
  • Martin Hilpert (121 videos)
  • MIT 24.900 OCW


  • Subtitle
  • Lingthusiasm (with great merch!)
  • Lexicon Valley

Other Resources