Privacy Policy

NACLO greatly values your privacy and is committed to protecting it. This page describes NACLO's policy regarding information collected using this website.

What Information Does NACLO Collect?

The only information that NACLO collects is information that you directly provide through our registration site.

How Does NACLO Use this Information?

Any information collected by NACLO is stored in a database accessible only to NACLO administrators. This information is used only for organizing competitions, including, but not limited to, setting up competition sites, distrubing booklets, grading, and announcing scores. Scores will be announced publicly, but in an anonymized way, using private student identification numbers. Competition winners will be announced publicly using names and locations.

Does NACLO disclose information to third parties?

NACLO does not disclose any personally identifiable information to third parties, except when a disclosure is required for compliance with law.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

NACLO requires that any student who provides personal information over the website affirm that he/she is at least 13 years of age or older before submitting any information. No information is collected without that affirmation.

Privacy Policy Questions

If you have any questions about NACLO's Privacy Policy, please contact