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C. Lost in Yerevan

[15 points]

On her visit to Armenia, Millie has gotten lost in Yerevan, the nation’s capital. She is now at the metro station named Shengavit but her friends are waiting for her at the station named Barekamutyun. Can you help Millie meet up with her friends?

C1. Assuming Millie takes a train in the right direction, which will be the first stop after Shengavit? Put the correct letter in the box on the right. Note that all names of stations listed below appear on the map. (4 points)

Zoravar Andranik
Garegin Njdehi Hraparak
none of the above

C2. After boarding at Shengavit, how many stops will it take Millie to get to Barekamutyun (don’t include Shengavit itself in the number of stops)? (4 points)

C3. What is the name (transcribed into English) of the end station on the short, five-station line that is currently in construction, shown in a different shade on the map? (7 points)


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