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New directions of work

Faculty of propaedeutics of internal diseases at the Volgograd State Medical University, where I work, is founded on the basis of Volgograd State Clinical Hospital № 1.

Within last 40 years the main direction of scientific research of our faculty has been problems of pathologies of liver and digestive apparatus. A unique laboratory on studying the liver-specific enzymes was created here using the facilities of the faculty. It hasn’t got analogues in the Volga region yet. Its staff introduces and masters new technologies of early biochemical diagnostics of liver diseases. Such a complex and complete detection is very important for a timely and thorough treatment planning for patients with liver pathologies. Assistants working at the faculty also carry out the researches allowing to diagnose early changes of a vascular channel and microcirculation in liver with pathologies.

Also, Natrii Hypochloriti (NaClO) therapy is an innovative, unique modern way of medicamentous treatment for liver diseases. Natrii Hypochloriti sodium has long-term antiviral effect on all viruses of hepatitis B and C. One third of patients with chronic viral hepatitis B and C, completed the first course of taking Natrii Hypochloriti, has no determined DNA and RNA HCV in their blood tests, levels of specific antibodies to HBV and to HCV go down. This method of therapy is inexpensive and nearly has no side-effects.

Methods of non-medicamentous therapy are widely used by our staff. For example, ozon-therapy, that renders positive influence on haemodinamic and functional conditions of liver; various kinds of laser therapy—an intravenous laser irradiation of blood, infra-red laser therapy, polyfactorial magnet-infrared laser therapy, those render anesthetizing, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulation effects, and therapy by magnet field.

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