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Medical reviews

In this section you may find my reviews devoted to various problems of medical science and practice. Basically there are some articles on liver diseases, but not only. The first article is devoted to problems of therapy for chronic viral hepatitis in the modern period of development of medical science. It was published in the Moscow magazine “The Practicioner” in 2002. Since that time some new medicaments have appeared in the pharmaceutical market, and the results of last researches on that problem have been reported in the world and Russian science. That is why I decided to add to the initial article some new data. Updated article called “Tactics anti—viral treatments for acute and chronic viral hepatitis at the present stage” was published in the Moscow specialized medical magazine: “Hepatology” (№ 4), at the end of 2004. Besides, at the request of the colleagues I have placed the review on medicaments available in the pharmaceutical market with significant anti—viral effect as treatment for viral hepatitis B and C, their approximate cost and courses of application. You also can find some of my articles published in different magazines: “Liver-cellular insufficiency” (“Hepatology”, № 5, 2003), “Citomegaloviral infection in clinic of internal illnesses” (“The attending Physician”, № 9, 2004), “Hepatolenticular degeneration – Vilson-Konovalov illness” (“Medline the express Train”, Saint Petersburg, № 8—9, 2004), report: “Modern Clinical Aspects of Using the Itoprid Remedy in treatment of Gastroaesophageal reflux illness”, speaked on National Russian Congress: “Human and Remedy” in 2011 in Moscow, and many others. 

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