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Treatment using laser therapy

In 1993 the faculty of propaedeutics of internal diseases at the Volgograd state medical university introduced into clinical practice a method of treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhoses using various kinds of laser therapy: an intravenous laser irradiation of blood, pulse infra-red laser radiation, polyfactorial magnet-infrared laser therapy based on combination of influence redan organism of pulse infra-red laser radiation, the constant magnetic field, pulsing red light and infra-red radiation.

After 19-years of careful studying that kind of non-medicamentous therapy it is possible to say that laser radiation reduces expressiveness cytolitic and mezenchimal-inflammatory syndromes, has authentic positive influence on parameters of a liver-specific enzymes. After a course of laser therapy patients with chronic liver diseases improve appetite and sleep, morbidity in a projection of a liver reduces. Besides laser therapy provides authentic immunomodulatory effect.

The choice of the certain kind of laser therapy for patients with chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis is based on extension of pathological process in liver. It is recommended for such patients to use laser therapy in complex with base therapy during exacerbation of disease or incomplete remission.

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